Ms. Yukino Izumi(INDETAIL, HR Group Leader)

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In charge of HR and recruitment for company INDETAIL, a company specializes in development and operations for webs, apps and social games, Ms. Yukino Izumi talks about foreign recruitment in her company. (JIKOPY)

Company INDETAIL Co., Ltd.
Corporate Position HR Group (Group Leader)
Name Ms. Yukon Izumi (泉 有希乃さん)
Industry IT
Location(s) Sapporo (Head office), Tokyo (Branch office), Nagoya Satellite

Why did you decide to recruit foreigners into your company?

Mainly, We want to promote diversity into our corporation.

In response to our company’s vision, “from Japan to the world”, we wanted to hire individuals with high desire to grow. As a result, we found a number of international candidates that fits into our criteria.

When did you start hiring foreigners?

Our first international employee joined us in 2013.

After that, we recruited 2 foreigners each year (from 2014) and currently, we have 7 international members from 6 different countries working for us.

※Our international employees are from: Sweden, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Belgium and France.

Was the recruiting process difficult back when you started?

Communication between English and Japanese was definitely a struggle.

When it becomes difficult for the person in charge to communicate with the candidate, we would ask an English speaking employee to cooperate in the process. That way, it will make the process a smoother one.

Also, it takes approximately 1 month (or longer) to successfully acquire working visa approval from the immigration office, so it is rather difficult to organize the commencement date of employment in a timely manner.

How about now?

There are a total of 7 international talents in our corporation. When it comes to recruitment, I have been accumulating experiences and now it is not especially hard.

We have a system in our office that allows communication to run smoothly.

What are the advantages of recruiting talents from overseas?

In addition to having high level skills, they are very flexible. There are many foreigners with high adaptability, in which they are able to contribute greatly to the company.

Also, English study meetings are often held by the international employees that provides sufficient stimulation to keep the company going.

Will you continue to promote and recruit global talents in the future?

We do not recruit based on nationality, and we will continue to recruit global talents, of course.

What is the lowest requirement in order to work in your company?

It is necessary to understand some basic Japanese (N5 level), or more.

Any words of advice for those who would like to work in Japan?

I recommend contacting first, the companies that you feel interested in applying.

It is such a complete waste when I see many of you giving up due to reasons of ” I have no confidence in my Japanese”, or ” they probably don’t hire foreigners anyway”.

Take a step forward at a time with courage, and from there, your pathway to success will become a clear road ahead.