Ms. Izumi Yokoyama(i3DESIGN Co., Ltd., PR/Recruiter)

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Ms. Izumi Yokoyama is the recruiter of mobile-tech start up company i3DESIGN Co., Ltd. Here is her interview with JIKOPY on foreign employment. (JIKOPY)

Company i3DESIGN Co., Ltd.
Corporate position Public Relations/Recruitment
Name Izumi Yokoyama (横山 いづみ)
Industry IT
Location Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

*All contents of this article were recorded and edited at the time of coverage.

Why did you decide to recruit foreigners into your company?

i3DESIGN Co., Ltd. has a vision to create services that can be used all over the world. For our vision, we want to go global, not just in Japan. Our company always have a view for global business.

Furthermore, we want to raise our members to be accustomed to compete worldwide and not just business in Japan.

When did you start hiring foreigners?

At the beginning, for our representative and a partial of our staff members (whom have had business experience overseas), foreign employment was not a huge hurdle to cross because we had a development based in Ukraine. Of course, due to that we decided to recruit global talents.

The said international employees have been working with us since 2012.

Was the recruiting process difficult back when you started?

The biggest challenge was when we needed them to adapt to our company’s culture and work style.

It is absolutely necessary for everyone to adapt into the Japanese working culture, and as it is very different to foreigners, we had to emphasise that hard work is needed in order to catch up.

What are the challenges you face now?

Japanese e-mails and chat platforms are generally left unnoticed, so it is necessary to speak up in order to follow up.

The thinking process in terms of work, is still different. We have to make sure that everyone follows up with one another.

What are the advantages of recruiting talents from overseas?

It is obvious without being said that their culture is different from the Japanese. We are able to learn about their way of education, how their working style, ideas and so on. Everyday we learn new things from them.

Will you continue to promote and recruit global talents in the future?

Yes, definitely! We are planning to recruit and introduce more global talents into our company.

Even though there are increasing presence of foreigners living in Japan, you could hardly see any Japanese going out with foreigners.

Having individuals from other cultures around us, alters our perspective of the norm (Japanese culture). I think this is a valuable aspect especially in the working environment.


What is the lowest requirement in order to work in your company?

We are considering candidates that falls approximately between N3 to N2 level of the Japanese language proficiency test (or higher).