Ms. Aki Honya(Cyest Corporation, PR)

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Here is an interview on foreign employment with Mr. Aki Honya of Cyest Corporation, a global business consultation company. (JIKOPY)

Company Cyest Corporation
Corporate Position Head of Public Relations
Name Ms. Aki Honya (本谷 亜紀 )
Industry Consultation
Location Minato-ku, Tokyo

Why do you recruit foreigners into your company?

We provide business service executed by experts in both global business operations & localizations; Smart savings of budget, time and effort, with guaranteed quality. Cyest Corporation is a provider of international business development service, consulting and human resources covering Asia, North/Central/South America, Middle East, African Region, and the EU.

As we often need to reach out internationally, we need talents with a global perspective. With that said, we therefore recruit international talents into our company.

When did you decide you want to start hiring foreigners?

Ever since the company was first established.

Are there any particular struggles you faced when you first started recruiting foreigners?

Nothing, particularly.

How about now?

Not at all!

What are the advantages of having a foreigner as your employee?

Together with the local employees, they help bring out an international perspective and motivation into their work.

Also, they grab and tackle the initiative whenever there is a Japan advancement project overseas.

Will you plan to continue recruiting foreigners in the future?

We aim to recruit diverse individuals that will benefit our company. We actively recruit regardless of gender, whether you are a foreigner or entering parenthood.

What is the lowest Japanese skill level required to work at your company?

We consider candidates that are able to understand the basic Japanese (JLPT N4 level) at the lowest.

Any advice you would like to say to international job hunters that are interested in Japan?

There are plenty of companies in Japan, large or small, that accepts and are experienced with recruiting foreigners. Enjoy job hunting!