Mr. An Jungian(Korea、31、Marketing & Operations)

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From South Korea, Mr. An Jungbin is currently involved in the business operations and marketing department for GOOYA, an IT/WEB production company based in Shibuya, Tokyo. (JIKOPY)

Name Mr. An Jungbin (31)
Country South Korea
Company GOOYA co.,ltd.
Industry IT
Career Marketing and Business Operations
Location Tokyo
Japanese skills Before Japan:None
Currently:JLPT-N1 level
Study abroad experience (Japan) Yes
Latest education history University graduate
Working experience before Japan None

Why did you want to work in Japan?

How old were you when you developed an interest in Japan?

I was around 23 years old then.

Tell us about your interests and motives of coming to Japan.

At the start, I have great interest in sports. As soccer player myself, I wanted to learn sports professionally. During my search for overseas universities, only schools in Japan, America and England had courses in this area of study. I chose Japan in the end because the culture is very similar to my country, and also because the physical distance is not too far from home.

When did you decide that you want to work in Japan?

Around 28 years old.

When did you start work in Japan?

At 28 years old.

Why do you want to work in Japan?
  • There are many things I need to learn on methods, ideas and high technology.
  • Employment insurance is high and the chances of dismissal are low.
  • To make use of my Japanese language skills and my native language at the same time.
  • I want to live in Japan.

Tell us about your job search for work in Japan.

What was your method of job searching?
  • Japanese recruitment websites for new graduates (Rikunabi, Mynavi)
  • Career fairs and job-related events in Japan
  • I was recommended by someone I know
What were your priorities when choosing a company?
  1. Interest in the company
  2. A company where I can learn and further my career for the future
  3. A company that recruits a minimal percentage of foreigners
When attempting to get a job in Japan, what was your biggest challenge?
  • Handling resume applications were a confusing process. The interview was not the hardest, but submitting resumes took a lot of time and it was definitely a setback for me.

Let’s talk about your current employment.

Tell us about your main role/responsibility.

I have a position that involves company product verification and production projects.

Tell us about what you consider important and concerns you at your workplace other than your job.

To never leave things half done and always stay committed.

When apologies are necessary, bow your head with integrity.

What is the appealing factor/attractive feature of your current employment?

Our organization consists of employees with strong personalities, which makes it fun. In every company that I applied for, I got introduced to some of the staff members by the recruiters. None of them had that powerful impact like the company I am working in now.

Tell us about working in Japan.

Tell us why working in Japan appeals to you.

Surrounded by Japanese people, everyone around me have a friendly personality. Even the clients and partners care about each other. In Korea, we put importance in speed. Japan being close to my home country is another appealing factor. There is a sense of security in any case of an emergency.

Are there any other struggles you are facing aside from work in Japan? How did you manage to deal with it?


Tell us about your job aspirations (Career developments) in the future.

I am probably planning on continue working in the same pace in my company now that we’re working hard on the front line in sales. Eventually I would like to continue to migrate to business management.

In addition, I have initially launched an IT business (albeit on a small scale) in South Korea. Right now I would like to gather a deeper knowledge in this area, and also challenge myself in the sports industry.

Tell us what you do in your everyday life in Japan.

What is your current type of accommodation?

I am currently renting a property.

How did you manage to find an accommodation when you first came to Japan?

Through the services offered from my previous Japanese language school I was studying in.

How do you spend the holidays?

I like watching movies and assembling jigsaw puzzles. I do up to 3000 piece jigsaw puzzles. Other than that, I usually do physical activities such as marathons or futsal activities with my fellow colleagues or former classmates.

I have recently gone for a marathon, in which I ran most of the time, I am already thinking about going to the next one.

Are there any struggles that you are experiencing other than living in Japan?

Not really!

Any words of advice for those who are interested in working in Japan?

(This might be a little strict…)
Overseas employment is a valuable experience. If you decide to come to Japan without a goal, then it is a waste of time. If you don’t have something to work towards, or you don’t have anything that you really want, or if you can’t adapt to the culture here, staying where you are (your home country) would be a better option. For me, I love Japan such as its food culture, and I let it be the driving force of action that lead me here.