Ms. Chie Narumi(GOOYA, HR & Planning)

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Responsible for human resources and planning, Ms. Chie Narumi is actively involved in the recruitment of global talents in her company, GOOYA, an IT/WEB development and production company based in Tokyo and Osaka. (JIKOPY)

Company GOOYA co.,ltd.
Corporate role Human resources & planning department
Name Ms. Chie Narumi (鳴海知恵)
Career Media and Communication
Location Tokyo (Main office), Osaka (Branch office)

Why do you recruit foreigners into your company?

In our case, we are always looking to recruit individuals with high level technical skills, with a firm and clear mindset of what we do here. We have a strong expectation to expand our company with a proportionate ratio of both local and foreign employees that can work in harmony.

Working outside of one’s homeland shows the preparedness and ambition of an individual. I think that this is a great impact in the corporate field, revitalizing our organization.

When did you decide you want to start hiring foreigners?

We started since we first established the company.

As a web production company ever since the time of establishment, we have encountered many foreign individuals with high IT technical skills in the Asia region.  Due to that, we broadened our limits into recruiting talented candidates regardless of nationality.

Are there any particular struggles you faced when you first started recruiting foreigners?

The employment process of course, as we usually have student interns before we officially recruit them as official employees. In terms of VISA related applications, work shift allocations and adjustments, they are quite challenging.

How about now?

It is definitely hard to find individuals with the right balance between elements such as technical abilities, personality, Japanese skills, etc.

Our main clients of our services are corporations, which is why high level business Japanese is absolutely necessary. It is sometimes frustrating in decision making when there are cases such that I meet candidates which were almost perfect for the job, but lacked a small but important skill.

What are the advantages of having global talents working in your company?

Having them in our company, I was able to see our local employees noticing the good points in them, which was motivating as a result. As I notice the willingness of our employees to communicate more with each other, all I see is a bright future ahead.

In addition, with our local employees who have never been in contact with people of foreign culture and nationality, this factor motivates our local employees to learn foreign languages also. I feel that this is an unexpected but great change in our working environment.

Will you plan to continue recruiting foreigners in the future?

Of course. We are always delighted to welcome talents from all around the world.

Due to this fact that this appeals to foreigners, we have a good recruiting image which in turn, receive a great amount of job applications.

In terms of Japanese language skills, what is the lowest requirement in order to be considered in your company?

To be able to understand enough Japanese that are used in daily conversations and also a wide range of specialized terms that are necessary in the field you are in. (JLPT N2 level)

Any advice you would like to say to international job hunters that are interested in Japan?

The aspect of “reading between the lines” is probably not commonly rooted in Japanese culture, and you might come across some unusual behavioral patterns of some individuals which can be a little confusing to foreigners.

Instead of thinking to yourself most of the time, take the plunge and ask, “why?” when you are deep in conversation with them to clear up those doubts.

Whether that information you get out of it good or bad, I think that the experience you will gain when you are here in Japan will color up your life.