Ms. Manami Kawashima(Co-graph Inc. , General Affairs/PR)

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Total solutions company Co-graph Inc.’s expertise are software developing and data analysis services. On this page, general affairs and public relations officer, Ms. Manami Kawashima talks about recruiting global talents. (JIKOPY)

Company Co-graph Inc.
Corporate role General Affairs/Public Relations
Name Ms. Manami Kawashima (川島愛美)
Industry IT
Location Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Why do you recruit foreigners into your company?

We want to gather excellent software engineers from around the world, to create a level of organization that is influential to the future of innovation.

When did you decide you want to start hiring foreigners?

We started from year 2011.

Are there any particular struggles you faced when you first started recruiting foreigners?

No at all.

How about now?

No, not yet.

If I had to say one thing, it would be the successful acquisition of the working VISA. The process takes a long time, so it is hard to have a confirmation before that which makes the work planning difficult.

What are the advantages of having a foreigner as your employee?

It is a great experience to be working together with outstanding, international engineers. In terms of our software development services, we often receive good evaluation from our clients as a result of their efforts.

Will you plan to continue recruiting foreigners in the future?

Yes, of course.

What is the lowest requirement in terms of Japanese language skills a candidate should have to be considered for your company?

We would expect our qualified candidates having taken and passed the Japanese Language proficiency test, JLPT N3 level exam or higher.

Note:JLPT-N3:Able to use Japanese in casual, daily conversations without difficulties.

Any advice you would like to say to international job hunters that are interested in Japan?

You will definitely come across certain cultures and habits that might amuse you or surprise you. However, I think that Japan is a great country for living and working.

Definitely challenge yourself and step it up in Japan.