Ms. Kwan Srisongkram(Thailand, 31, Web Media)

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We interviewed “Ms. Kwan Srisongkram” from Thailand. She is a sales manager of “MATCHA”. “MATCHA” is a Web service that is sending out information for foreign tourists.(JIKOPY:2017/6/9)

Name Ms. Kwan Srisongkram (31)
Nationality Thailand
Company MATCHA Inc.
Industry Web Media
Job type Sales Manager
Work location Tokyo
Japanese Skills Level Before Japan:JLPT-N3
Current level:JLPT-N1
Education history in Japan Yes
Latest education before Japan Bachelor’s degree
Work experience before Japan None

Why do you want to work in Japan?

Tell us about your interests and motives of coming to Japan.
I read books and listened to music and had an interest in Japan.
I often read “Asaki Yumemishi” that talked about the “Genji-Monogatari”.

When did you decide that you want to work in Japan?
At 12 years old

When did you start work in Japan?
At 16 years old

Why do you want to work in Japan?

  • There are many things I need to learn on methods, ideas and high technology.
  • here are many things I need to learn on methods, ideas and high technology.
  • I want to live in Japan.
  • I wanted to learn Japanese. I wanted to make use of language skills.
  • I sympathize with the Japanese ‘s working attitude.

Tell us about your job search for work in Japan.

What was your method of job searching?

  • Through a recruiting agency based in Japan.
  • I don’t think that I am handicapped as a foreigner.
  • I did a job hunting activity like a Japanese student.
  • And, like a Japanese, I changed jobs several times.

What was your criterion when choosing a company?

  1. Interest in the company.
  2. A company that will allow me to do various jobs.
  3. A company where I can learn and further my career for the future.

When attempting to get a job in Japan, what was your biggest challenge?

  • Japanese written tests, SPI, and aptitude tests are too difficult for foreigners.
  • In job hunting at the time of new graduation, I had difficulty in document preparation.
  • I also looked for a company without an SPI test.
  • When I change my job, I try to listen to the company’s recruiters as closely as possible. Because it makes me feel that it is most important not to cause a mismatch between a company and me.

Tell us about your current job.

Tell us about your main role/responsibility.

Sales Manager

  • Management of sales and expenses
  • Create sales strategy
  • Proposal to customers
  • Hearing to customers

Tell us about what you consider important and concerns you other than your job.

I will not consciously appeal to being a foreigner. I believe that it is best to be treated like a Japanese. (Inside or outside the company)


What is the appealing factor/attractive feature of your current employment?

I believe that it is attractive to do business to expand the charm of Japan to the world. We want to increase the number of tourists to Japan. And the job of extending the charm of Japan to the world is very attractive. I am glad that tourists can enjoy Japan. And I feel that I am contributing to the development of the Japanese economy.

Tell us about working in Japan.

Tell us why working in Japan appeals to you.

I am sympathizing with the way Japanese work progress. The Japanese work with a strong sense of responsibility. And, being able to work in that environment is attractive.

Sometimes you may feel that you care too much about small things.

However, I believe that detailed attention is emerging as affection for work.

Are there any other struggles you are facing aside from work in Japan? How did you manage to deal with it?

I sometimes have difficulties with those who are not Japanese. Because I became familiar with how to proceed in Japan.

Tell us about your job aspirations (Career developments) in the future.

My goal is to be able to do work that goes with my name. (Regardless of company name or influence)

Tell us what you do in your everyday life in Japan.


How do you Spend the holidayes?

I often relax slowly. And I sometimes enjoy traveling with my Japanese friends.

Are there any struggles that you are experiencing other than living in Japan? How are you dealing with this issue?

There is no difficulty in living in Japan.

However, I have less contact with people in my home country Thailand. Because it became familiar with the life in Japan.



For those who want to work in Japan or those who are interested in working in Japan, do you have any words for them?

First of all, please understand Japanese way of thinking. Next, I recommend you to find a job that meets yourself. Please ask a Japanese friend or a foreigner working in Japan. (Ms.Kwan)

If you want to be able to constantly improve your skills, the working environment in Japan is one of the best choices.(Ms.Ramona)

Please think that “everything is study.” Please do not think too much. And there is no need to worry too much.(Ms.Wang)

There is no need to try to be like a Japanese. Please do your best in Japan as it is!(Ms.Fuan)