Mr. Christopher Howell(USA, 33, IT)

From the United States of America, Mr. Christopher Howell is currently working at Earth Technology, an IT company in Japan that supports IT development, network construction/operations, bilingual assistance, so on.

He is responsible for network operations, customer telecommunication services, technical specifications, etc.

  • English (United States)
  • 日本語
  • 한국어
Name Mr. Christopher Howell (33)
Nationality American
Company Earth Technology 
Recruitment staff Ms. Megumi Horiuchi
Industry IT and Communication
Career IT
Residence Tokyo
Japanese Skills Before Japan:JLPT-N4
Experience studying abroad (Japan) Yes
Last Level of Education (Before Japan) University Graduate
Work Experience before Japan Over 1 year


Why do you want to work in Japan?

Tell us about your interests and motives of coming to Japan.
When I was a University student and a 21 year old, I studied abroad in Nagoya, Japan. In that short period of time, my interest for Japan grew intensely and that gave me the motivation to come back to Japan.

When did you decide that you want to work in Japan?
Around 23 years old

When did you start work in Japan?
At 24 years old

Why do you want to work in Japan?

  • To make use of my Japanese language skills and my native language at the same time.



Tell us about your job search for work in Japan.

What was your method of job searching?

  • Japanese recruitment websites for new graduates (Rikunabi, Mynavi)
  • Japanese recruitment websites for local employees
  • From a community site in my native language


What was your criterion when choosing a company?

  1. A company that provides adequate training / education after hiring.
  2. A company with jobs that utilize my language skills.
  3. A company that will allow me to do various jobs.


When attempting to get a job in Japan, what was your biggest challenge?
Japanese written tests, SPI, and aptitude tests are too difficult for foreigners.


Tell us about your current employment.

Tell us about your main work role/responsibility.
Network operations, customer support services (telecom), data operations, etc.

Tell us about what you consider important and concerns you (in your workplace) other than your job.
Occasionally, I find it difficult to get words across due to my Japanese skills. I hope to improve my communication skills in the near future.

What is the appealing factor/attractive feature of your current employment?
I received training as a head start after I got officially employed. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to do the job I do today. Also, thanks to the company where I was given various jobs and tasks, with all these experiences I could feel some changes in myself in terms of personal development and growth.


Tell us about working in Japan.

Tell us why working in Japan appeals to you.
Working in Japan means you get to live in Japan! Also, being able to acquire new skills while improving your Japanese as well.

Are there any other struggles you are facing at work in Japan?
Nothing, particularly.

Tell us about your job aspirations (career developments) in the future.
I hope to be able to build a strong network between Japan and other international countries with my bilingual skills.


Tell us about what you do in your everyday life in Japan.

What type of accommodation do you have in Japan?
I am currently renting an accommodation.

How did you find an accommodation when you first came to Japan?
I stayed in a housing/dormitory that my company provided.

How do you spend the holidays here?
I usually travel to Tokyo during the holidays. Now that I’m here, I often go shopping, karaoke, or to the local Japanese pubs (izakaya) with my friends.

Are there any struggles that you are experience while living in Japan? How are you dealing with this issue?
It has been almost 9 years since I moved to Japan, so no bad experiences in particular.