Ms. Syuu(China, 24, Retail & Communications)

Ms. Syuu, from China, is currently working as a full-time employee in Japan. She is in charge of China-based SNS advertising operations, stock management, customer support, etc. She also assists in document translations as well.(JIKOPY)

  • English (United States)
  • 日本語
  • 한국어
Name Syuu (24)
Nationality China
Company Tanaqro
Industry Retail and Distribution
Occupation Type Sales and Marketing
Location Saitama Pref.
Japanese skills Before Japan:JLPT N2
Current level:JLPT N1
Study abroad experience (Japan) None
Latest educational history (before Japan) University Graduate
Work experience (before Japan) None


Why do you want to work in Japan?

Tell us about your interests and motives of coming to Japan.
I used to watch Japanese anime shows broadcasted on television when I was 5 years old. It was then I grew interested in Japan.

When did you decide that you want to work in Japan?
When I was around 21 years old.

When did you start work in Japan?
At 22 years old.

Why do you want to work in Japan?

  • I want to utilize both my native language and my Japanese language skills at the same time.
  • I wanted to live in Japan.
  • Family reasons

Tell us about your job search for work in Japan.

What was your method of job searching?

  • Japanese recruitment websites for new graduates (Rikunabi, Mynavi)
  • Japanese recruitment websites for foreigners
  • Career fairs and job-related events in Japan
  • Home country’s community sites
  • Searched on the internet and applied on my own

What was your criterion when choosing a company?

  1. Interest in the company
  2. A company that has a record of hiring foreigners
  3. A company that will allow me to do various jobs

When attempting to get a job in Japan, what was your biggest challenge?

  • Lack of job offers for foreigners
  • Ratio to hire foreigners are low
  • apanese written tests, SPI, and aptitude tests are too difficult for foreigners

Tell us about your current job.

Tell us about your main role/responsibility.
I am in charge of SNS advertising operations in the China market, stock management, customer support, as well as translations.

Tell us about what you consider important and concerns you other than your job.
Maintaining cooperativeness and also finding a clear solution in everything you do.

What is the appealing factor/attractive feature of your current employment?
I have always been attracted to the fashion/retail industry. I am thankful that I get to work in a company that has a relaxed and modern environment. Also, I get to utilize my language skills, popularize Japanese kawaii culture to the world, at the same time introduce individualistic, overseas fashion to Japan – which I think is worth the effort.

Tell us about working in Japan.

Tell us why working in Japan appeals to you.
Japan is the birthplace of “kawaii” fashion, which appeals to me. I get to check for new updates on fashion regularly.

Are there any other struggles you are facing aside from work in Japan? How did you manage to deal with it?
I used to look for part-time jobs that did not give me the chance to improve my Japanese skills. I was frustrated because I could not demonstrate my skills with the best of my efforts.
At that time, I took the advice of my friend and decided to look for another job that I wanted.

Tell us about your job aspirations (Career developments) in the future.
I’d like to issue my company’s original products, or collaborate with famous brands, or open a branch store in my home country, China.

Tell us what you do in your everyday life in Japan.

Type of accommodation.
Currently renting an accommodation.

How did you find an accommodation when you first came to Japan?
I stayed in an international student’s hall that a language school recommended me.

How do you spend your days off?
I usually make errands or do my chores (e.g doing the laundry, clean my room) when I couldn’t do them in the weekdays. Otherwise, I go shopping or go out with my friends. When I don’t make any special plans, I would laze around at home, listen to music or watch a good DVD.

Are there any struggles that you are experiencing other than living in Japan? How are you dealing with this issue?
Nothing in particular. But if I were to say something, my place is a little too small for my liking, so I have no choice but to save up for a bigger house.

Any words for those who wish to work in Japan?
There are definitely times where you face situations beyond, or different from your expectations. To me, that is the beauty of living in Japan. Like the saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”.