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IT company MINIMAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC. specializes in web translations services (fastest translation: 5 mins) in 27 languages. Here, we have interviewed CEO Mr. Takaharu Hayashi on his thoughts about foreign recruitment. (JIKOPY)

Official position CEO
Name Mr. Takaharu Hayashi
Industry IT and Communication
Location Tokyo

Please tell us your reason for recruiting foreigners.

No special reason, We want to work with someone Who is brilliant , no matter what the nationality is.

When was the recruitment of the foreign employee begun at?

We recruited foreign employee since we founded company.(The joint founder is American)

What is the thing that you struggled with the most when you start to recruit the foreign employee?

There were the problems such as visa,the tax and stocks grant.We had a hard time to develop a solution because we didn’t have any knowledge even asked the senior manager of the circumference.

What is the thing that you struggled with the most even today?

We do an interview using the Skype.It’s state of feeling uneasy compared to the interview of the meeting.

Please tell us about the good point to recruit a foreign employee.

It’s good to listen to the story of various countries,various culture become available in the company and we can maintain a world glance in service development.
And I think it is easy to recruit the brilliant foreign employee hardly competes,because there are still fewer companies which can accept the foreigner in adoption in Japan.

Will you promote the adoption of the foreign employee in future?

At the moment,approximately 60% degree is foreigner,We want to maintain this ratio even if the scale of the company becomes bigger.


How much Japanese do you think is sufficient enough to get a job in Japan?

Japanese is not necessary at first => learning Japanese by welfare program!

Any advice for those who wish to work in Japan?

It is thought that there are the problems that a foreigner works in Japan.
There are many people who feel uneasy of culture of the Japanese company and examination of the visa even the members if our company.
But I think that such problems decreased than before in the startup company as of now.So you should apply steadily if there is a good company.