Ms. Yuki Gondaira(ZERO TO ONE・HR & Public Relations)

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Company ZERO TO ONE, focuses on automobile-oriented WEB services, smartphone app development and production. Ms. Yuki Gondaira, is responsible for human resource management and recruiting for ZERO TO ONE. Here is an interview with Ms. Yuki about international recruitment. (JIKOPY)

Corporate position HR & PR Management
Name Yuki Gondaira
Industry IT and Communication
Location Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture

Why do you recruit foreigners?

As a startup company we are constantly looking for continuous growth and development, which means we are always searching for excellent, talented individuals to work with. We search for talents without limiting ourselves to nationality. As a result, we usually end up finding a surprising amount of global talents in the job-hunting pool.

This is because, foreigners who look for a job in Japan are usually filled with high ambitions. Thus we want to recruit them into our company.

When did your company start hiring foreigners as employees?

We started recruiting the official establishment of our company in 2014. One of the international members who helped the launch of our business was a Chinese woman. She is now in charge of the operations department of our company.

Was the recruiting process difficult back then?

Due to the lack of foreign language skills, I find it quite challenging searching for the perfect match for our company. However, my communication skills have gotten better so there have been less problems in this context. As a recruiter, I could also see the improvement in time.  Currently, we have members with the ability to speak 4 different languages and that helped me during the process too.

Any particular challenges or difficulties when recruiting foreigners?

Thanks to you, we have been receiving a large number of applications from talented professionals from around the world, which makes our screening process a little difficult to be honest!

What are the advantages of employing a foreigner into your company?

We are able to express free and open opinions. Foreigners do not have that typical one-way thinking perspective that a typical Japanese have, but a very result-driven passion and greed which I find is an exhilarating, appealing factor. Also, We are developing services through an international (115 countries) EC site in our Japan office. With our international staff, we are able to communicate smoothly with clients all around the world and that is very pleasing for the future of our business.

Will you continue to recruit foreigners in the future?

Yes, of course. Currently, (Sept 2016) we have 10 staff members in our company, and we are aiming for a total of 150 staff members by 2020. Our goal is to have a 1:1 ratio of foreign to local employees, and we will continue to recruit both Japanese employees and international employees at the same time.

How much Japanese do you think a foreigner should learn to be sufficient enough to get a job?

  • The ability to understand Japanese used in everyday situations, and in a variety of other circumstances to a certain degree (JLPT N2).

Any words of advice for those who are looking to start a career in Japan?

To those from all around the world who are looking towards a career in Japan, Japan’s unique job hunting process is definitely a tough road to walk. If open-minded companies hire excellent talents without questioning nationality, we will further expand in the future. It is essential to accept the power of people from overseas in order for Japan’s service and technology industry to keep improving.

Of course, without losing the essence of Japanese system and rules, specifically the good aspects such as etiquettes and manners, let’s grow together.