Mr. Yuji Mishiro(Executive Director of JIN-G Inc.)

Mr. Yuji Mishiro, representative president and CEO of JIN-G Inc., his company specializes in HR strategy consultation and training & management in the education industry. Here is an interview with Mr. Yuji Mishiro on global recruiting.  (JIKOPY)

Company  JIN-G Inc.
Position  Representative President/CEO
Name  Yuji Mishiro (三城 雄児)
Industry  Human Resources
Location Minato-ku, Tokyo

What is your main motive for recruiting foreigners?

We support and headhunt global talents to Japanese companies, and also because my company needs to be able to communicate and reach out internationally, we need foreigners – therefore we recruit them.

We have no limitations or barriers when it involves recruitment. In order to keep moving forward, we catch every opportunity we see for the business. Nationality and ethnic background does not factor into whether we hire the candidate or not, we only hire talents based on the qualities of the candidates.

When did you decide to start recruiting international employees?

Ever since the establishment of the company.

Was the recruiting process difficult back when you started?

Nothing particularly stressful.

Ever since the company was established, we always had an aim to build an organization that could deal with overseas interactions. Small examples like when my corporate files are always kept in both Japanese and English. To be able to keep up with corporate globalization, we are always well prepared for future purposes.

Are you still facing any challenges on recruiting foreigners now?

One of them is definitely raising awareness of JIN-G Inc. and Chain-G Inc. to global talents around the world.

For our service Global Talent Pool®, we feel the need to recruit highly-skilled international employees in order to make progress as we are currently establishing a stereotype-free business community.

What are the advantages of recruiting talents from overseas?

As our company specializes in global human resource management and training, of course, putting the real deal into practice is ideal (hiring foreigners into our company).

Hiring international talents will help in order to be able to communicate and provide ideas to our global clients in an effortless way.

Will you continue to recruit global talents in the future?

From start to present, we will continue to recruit talents regardless of nationality. We are trying to recruit foreigners around the world, as much as possible to diversify the environment of my company.

This is because I feel it is necessary to strengthen our company’s management philosophy in terms of recruitment branding or in-house penetration. If we continue this process, I believe that our in-house innovation will continue to make progress.

What do you think is the lowest requirement in order to work in your company?

Japanese language skills is irrelevant.

We have employees who can’t even speak Japanese. However, that somehow motivates them to learn Japanese, which is great.

Any words of advice for those who want to work in Japan?

In Japan, corporate culture is highly regarded by the Japanese, and there are certainly many hidden rules.

Do not think of it as a strange aspect of Japanese corporate life, because you will gradually understand the reasons behind everything when you become familiar with the people around you.

It is easier to operate in your environment when you understand the culture around you. Step out of your comfort zone, communication is key.