Mr. Clifton James (America, Sales & Marketing)

Born and raised in America, Mr. James is currently working as a recruiting consultant in JIN-G Inc., a consulting firm specialized in education and training. Here is an interview with James on his life as an employee in Japan.(JIKOPY)

  • English (United States)
  • 日本語
  • 한국어
Name Clifton James
Nationality  America
Company  JIN-G Inc.
Industry  Consulting/Education
Career  Sales and Marketing
Location  Tokyo
Japanese skills  Current level:JLPT-N3
Study abroad experience (Japan)  Yes
Lastest educational history (before Japan)  University Graduate
Work experience before Japan  None

Why do you want to work in Japan?

How old were you when you developed an interest in Japan?

When I was around 18 years old.

Tell us about your interests and motives of coming to Japan.

As an undergraduate studying business, I was very interested in studying a language of a country with a unique business culture. I was also interested in Japan because there are many multinational companies headquartered here. After finishing my short-term studies in Japan, I decided to come to Japan and put to use what I learned in the classroom.

When did you decide that you want to work in Japan?

When I was around 21 years old.

When did you start work in Japan?

At 22 years old.

Why do you want to work in Japan?
  • There are many things I need to learn on methods, ideas and high technology.
  • To make use of my Japanese language skills and my native language at the same time.
  • I want to make connections in Japan.
  • A lot of opportunities and challenges in my job.
  • I want to live in Japan.

Tell us about your job search for work in Japan.

What was your method of job searching?
  • Japanese recruitment websites for current employees
  • Japanese recruitment websites for foreigners
  • Through a recruiting agency based in Japan
  • Searched on the internet and applied on my own
  • Headhunting (Through social networking services)
What was your criterion when choosing a company? Please rank the following from 1- 3 from the choices below based on priority.
  1. Interest in the company.
  2. A company that provides adequate training / education after hiring.
  3. A company that will allow me to do various jobs.

Tell us about your current job.

Tell us about your main role/responsibility.

My passion is connecting talented professionals to career paths where they can flourish. I started my career in motivating and skill development in education. As a recruitment consultant for global technology-related companies in Japan, I work with talent from a variety of backgrounds including sales, marketing, consulting, engineering, programming and creative.

Tell us about what you consider important and concerns you other than your job.

Career development is very important to me.

What is the appealing factor/attractive feature of your current employment?

I’ve been able to establish a new business within JIN-G group. I’m given the freedom to make decisions that directly leads to business success.

Tell us about working in Japan.

Tell us why working in Japan appeals to you.

The talent market is quite interesting in Japan; it’s certainly talent driven with a shortage of talent and high demand for technical skills. With Japan’s recent emphasis on globalization, the need for bilingual talent and candidates with global experience is increasing greatly. This is a good opportunity for my career.

Are there any other struggles you are facing aside from work in Japan? How did you manage to deal with it?

I’m currently taking Japanese lessons to improve my language ability so that I can make friends and enjoy living in Japan more.

Tell us about your job aspirations (Career developments) in the future.

I’m planning to become a professional in talent acquisition for global IT companies. Eventually, I’d like to gain work experience in Europe, get an MBA and work in HR analytics.

Tell us what you do in your everyday life in Japan.

Type of accommodation.


How did you find an accommodation when you first came to Japan?

Arrangement by previous company.

How do you spend the holidays?

I enjoy volunteering, reading comics, and playing tennis during my free time.

Are there any struggles that you are experiencing other than living in Japan? How are you dealing with this issue?

I’m interested in learning more about my industry so I’m always trying to find new resources for development.

Any words of advice you would like to give for those who are thinking about working abroad?

Working in Japan is a unique experience that can differ from your previous experiences (travel, studying abroad) or expectations. Come to Japan with an open/flexible mind, and be ready to learn from others and grow as a person and a professional.