Mr. Yuzuru Suzuki (School With Inc. / Developments Manager)

Active employer of global talents at School Wiz Inc. service developments department manager Mr. Yuzuru talks about recruiting foreigners into the company. (JIKOPY)

Company School With Inc.
Position Developments Manager
Name Mr. Yuzuru Suzuki (鈴木 弦)
Industry  Education
Location Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Why did you decide to recruit foreigners into your company?

Our company (School With Inc.) deals with global services such as study abroad and overseas recruitment.

Generally, the Japanese typically have an individualistic point of view.

We will continue to develop our international-standard services if we diversify our workplace with both Japanese and open-minded international employees.

When did you start hiring foreigners?

Ever since the company was established, we weren’t only recruiting Japanese people. We were actively employing foreigners as well.

Was the recruiting process difficult back when you started?

Language barrier, as expected. In terms of service development, either way you need a good sense of communication. It does get a little tough if you are not able to send the message across in Japanese or English.

Are you still facing any challenges on recruiting foreigners now?

Same as the above.

What are the advantages of recruiting talents from overseas?

In our company, we have an employee from China, Feng. Speaking of Feng, he has a lot of good points, but here are three main points.

  1. His communication skills are excellent to the point where we forget he is from China sometimes.
  2. He is the mood maker in our company. He motivates his fellow colleagues.
  3. He has a non-Japanese perspective but embraces our culture. In service development, we are able to run the business smoothly this way.

Will you continue to recruit global talents in the future?

Yes, we will always be recruiting.

What do you think is the lowest requirement in order to work in your company?

JLPT N1 or N2 certification, and English skills.

Any words of advice for those who would like to work in Japan?

In Japan, I think the corporate culture is unique in which can be quite a challenge to some. There are a lot of work places in Japan where they expect you to already understand the culture and work according to the system, so often times it might not go the way you expect it to be. To bury that gap, try to acknowledge and observe every single detail around you with your absolute best.